I was so impressed with Josseline's work that I asked her to send me a photo...
Here it is and also an explanation from her...
"All my own work.
This photo was taken last year, October, at The Rothersthorpe Village Fair.
I donated the takings to our WI group to boost our funds.
The other stall from WI ladies was a tombola.
We donated some of the money raied to the Village Church - the rest went to WI funds.
I make knittd toys all year, mostly for the WNNA.
This year we raised £504 which was matched by Barclaycard.
I am a Barclaycard pensioner and allowed one matched funding project per year.
We hold a garden party at a friend's house in Barby, selling plants, cakes, cream teas etc.
The village hold a fair annually and most of the people there take part in some way."