I enjoyed making my poppies this year. 
I gave a few away.....
I took some to my Craft Group and ended up with £10 which I took along to the Poppy Appeal Stall based inside the local Sainsburys store. 

I explained to Jacqueline on the stall what I had done and she asked if I had any others. 
I did and gave her the few I had in my handbag. 
She offered to buy them herself and put £20 into the money 'can'!!!
Immediately a few members of the public were like vultures around the stall and wanted to buy the ones I had made. 
Jacqueline let a few of them go and I have promised to take her the few remaining ones I have at home. I even took off the one I was wearing and gave it to her. 
Now I will have to get the wool out and make myself another!!!
She has asked me if I would be interested in making as many as I can for them to sell next year. 
What a wonderful Cause. 

UPDATE: Wed 5 Nov....
Have been back into Sainsburys and given them another 20 poppies to sell. 
Jackqueline told me that people are buying them and donating up to £3 each.

I will drop off another six tomorrow. This was all I could manage as I have now run out if wool...!!!